How to Survive Valentine’s Day as a Bachelor(ette)

February 14th can be just as horrifying as Friday the 13th (if you’re into that sort of superstitious thing) for some. I mean who came up with Valentine’s Day anyway?

Well, my hopeless romantic friends, the Romans did. So you should thank them although it wasn’t exactly a day of sweet candy and roses either. It was actually a lot grimmer. The day before, during, and after Valentine’s Day was celebrated with Roman men whipping women with the hides of the animals that they’d caught and eaten earlier that day (wowzers). The women didn’t mind at all because they believed this would make them more fertile. I’m guessing motherhood was pretty serious…
Nevertheless, I’m not here to discuss the history of Valentine’s Day but rather, provide some insight on what I do as a bachelorette this time of year. You may think that this holiday would bring about the attitude of a single, miserable, shrew but luckily I enjoy my own company even on the most couple focused day of the year.
Here are 10 fun activities to dive into as a bachelor (or bachelorette) on Valentine’s Day:

1. See a Movie Alone

  • Accompanying yourself to the movie theater is pretty therapeutic. There is suddenly more time on your hands and room in your mind to meditate on the things that you want in life and/or a potential partnership. But don’t let that be the focus of your experience. You don’t want to squander “your day” on thoughts about a relationship. Besides, only having to worry about the kind of candy and size of popcorn that you want is my kind of fun.

2. Spend Time with Loved Ones

  • My family is the center of my being. I cherish time spent with them whenever I can. I am a full-time student who now resides in another state, so any quality time that I can spend with them is always worth it. It just makes you feel good to know that so many people love and care for you exactly as you are.

3. Puff the Magic Dragon

  • I participate in this activity every day already so it wouldn’t be significant enough to stand out. Still, put one in the air.

4. Take Yourself Out to Eat

  • Your favorite restaurant is calling your name. Don’t you hear it? What are you waiting for?! Go get dressed!

5. Go Fishing

  • This is such a peaceful activity to do alone. Listening to the water rush down the stream while the fish completely avoid your line (or are nonexistent since its still freezing outside). It’s a lot of fun. You may get lucky and catch something. Maybe.

6. Netflix and Chill…Alone

  • This is one of my favorite things to do regularly anyway. Step one, make your favorite snacks, step two, make sure you have an active Netflix (or Hulu whatever floats your boat) account, step three, turn off all of the lights so that you are utterly terrified, and settle into a cozy, warm blanket 🙂

7. Watch Funny Videos on YouTube

  • Some of my favorite YouTubers are the people that perk up my mood whenever I feel like shit due to an unfortunate day (or person). Watch some hilarious videos online and allow your laughter to fill the room.

8. Buy Your Favorite Candy (And Flowers?)

  • Hershey’s? Ferrero Rocher? Ghirardelli? Need I say more? Also, take time to smell the flowers while you’re still alive.

9. Go Bowling

  • Much like seeing a movie alone, bowling is a group activity that could actually be more fun if done by yourself. You have time to meditate and practice your skills without the embarrassment of losing a game to opponents.

10. Write Out Your Feelings/Journal

  • This is one of my favorite things to do when I’m in a state of reflection, preferably at the end of the day. Just let it all hang out. Write about how you feel, talk about your loneliness (or happiness in being alone), write about the exciting new things that you learned, the interesting people that you met, new ideas for a project that you’ve been putting off; it’s your call. Create this space and time for expression.

Valentine’s Day may be a “couple holiday,” but that doesn’t mean that you can’t cater to yourself. Don’t count on someone else to make February 14th the best day ever.
Show yourself some L-O-V-E.


“The Case of a Missing iPhone” — A Short Story


I can’t feel my legs.

It feels like I’m walking on air, I can’t see, and worst of all…I’ve just checked my purse and my iPhone is missing.

Oh no. Its probably stolen by now. Did I drop it somehow? 

I frantically feel alongside my pants hoping that my fingers would graze the hard, smooth, rectangular possession.


My stomach rumbles with hunger. I suddenly feel nauseous thereafter.  The shots of vodka that I had previously gulped down in less than 30 seconds (thanks to a sexy tall, dark, and handsome gentleman) were way over my normal limits. I’m not sure that I had any to begin with. After debating in my head for a while about whether I should turn back (or not), my stomach won. 

I stumble and wobble to my apartment complex less than 2 minutes walking distance. Luckily my keys are on my person. I don’t have a phone to call Trevor, a neighbor, so he’d let me in. What a night that would’ve turned out to be. 

Way to bring in the new year.

After fidgeting with the keys in my door handle, I finally swing it open to my cat Ace as he rushes towards me with meow greetings. I lift him from the ground, hugging his soft fur as I allowed this embrace to make me forget about the actual worry.

“Buzz! Buzz!”

Buzz! Buzz!”

What’s this? 

I follow the sound of the buzzing. Eyes half shut and feet tripping over everything in my path. I pull back the bed pillows.

“I got it! I got it! Yes!”

I kiss my phone, gently curl up on the plush rug in the middle of my bedroom, and drift off to sleep. 

“Roller coasters”

Around and around…

The cycle never ends

Heartbroken tears puddle the ground in front of our feet, images shattered

I never wanted any of this. I wished many nights that we never even began. Because the pain is irreversible.

Every month is a roller coaster ride

Every word is glass falling from lips that sincerely try to carefully deliver them to the ear of the other

Every movement is calculated

Waiting, watching, hesitant. To see what move the other makes first.

Around and around…

I am sick to my stomach

“I love you” but “I can’t stand you”

Life cannot thrive here. Love cannot live.

It needs a better home. Better caregivers. Better. Best.

I dreamed of us many times

Not a couplet, but three

The future is gone. The dream, deferred.

Around and around…

My mind wanders

I hope for a fairytale ending

I pray for your demons

I love your Most High

I attempt to understand

Love isn’t enough


Around and around we go…