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Atlanta, GA ūüďć

I'm really liking Atlanta right now.  (As you can see...)

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After May 4, 2017 at 7:16pm my life was changed forever. And it may sound a little dramatic with the way that I'm describing the story but thats because it is indeed pretty dramatic for me. I've wanted my entire life to be apart of this "sisterhood" and now that I am, the amount of… Continue reading “Sisterhood”

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Dirty Onions, Neck Ties

Don't ask "what's real" when you're not it.  Don't ask me "are you ok" after I tell you what's wrong.  Don't disrespect me.  Don't slander my name. Don't use me. Don't abuse me. Physically, verbally, or otherwise. Do communicate. Do unto me as I do unto you. Don't show me that you don't care.  ...and love… Continue reading Dirty Onions, Neck Ties

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It’s Not Real

During the hiatus that I took from my writing, I've had the chance to experience life a little more and do more self accessing. I think maybe I have found a link to the reason why the potential romantic relationships that spring up in my life are sabotaged in the early stages of development. I… Continue reading It’s Not Real

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I looked at the broken windshield on my car and it put me in a bad mood.  I returned home and found that I had a broken window. My blood started to boil.  I woke up the next morning only to find that I had nothing to eat for breakfast except a measly granola bar. … Continue reading Gratefulness¬†



You don't want the same things I do. You never do. I see all the signs and warnings but decided to ignore them in hopes that things can change. They never do. Now you're on to bigger and better. Better than me. I feel silly for even believing it could all turn around. I feel… Continue reading “Situationship”

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A Peace Treaty 

I silenced myself because I couldn't stop thinking.  I didn't speak in fear of what I might say. I was angry. But this angry was different.  This angry was calm and serene. This angry was nonchalant and apathetic. Maybe it was the Mary.  I knew it would come to this but no one ever thinks… Continue reading A Peace Treaty¬†