“Undercover Unsupporters”

If you’ve ever been in a circumstance where you didn’t get the support needed from the people closest to you, then you must have felt loneliness, a sense of failure, not being good enough, and maybe downright indifference coming from the other party. In some cases, verbal abuse is experienced in full force. Which also makes you feel not so great about yourself or your abilities.

There is a distinct difference in not feeling support from the individuals in your life that you deem near and dear to your heart and not feeling support from strangers that don’t know who you are and probably wont get you anyway. It seems to cut you much deeper when family, and friends that are like family, is involved.

Interjecting with my honest opinion, supporting the person or persons that you truly love and care for should not be a chore or task. It should not be asked for as a favor from said person.

It should be, however, a no brainer.

It should be natural behavior. That is, if true fondness of the individual is present.

If you, the person reading this right now, find yourself in an unsupportive and/or discouraging relationship, romantic or otherwise, I urge you to find a way out.

And believe you me it is urgent that you do.

Allow yourself to affiliate with the people that welcome what you have to offer. Allow yourself to feel genuine support and love for what gifts and talents you were blessed with. Do not allow the people that could give a hoot what you’re passionate about to take up space in your life.

They don’t deserve your light. Leave them in the darkness.

Welcome to 2017. You made it.

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