Emotional Rollercoaster

I hate when it comes.

It’s maddening.

I sense the dark sneak in.

I feel my feelings sinking.

I taste bitterness.

My tongue is dry from the wine.

The fire I put to my mouth singes my lips.

There I lay. Not sleeping. Not awake. Just there.


The Great Depression is present.


My mind says it’ll get better if I just pick myself up.

But I never find the strength to just pick myself up.

And the cycle goes…


He thinks I have issues.

I think I agree

But I’m enraged when he says it directly to me.

Fighting for myself under all this pain.

Fighting in the name of pride. It’s in vain.

We fight.

We hate.

We block numbers.

Don’t speak for 3 days.

We love again.

We forgive.

And the cycle goes…

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