You don’t want the same things I do. You never do.

I see all the signs and warnings but decided to ignore them in hopes that things can change. They never do.

Now you’re on to bigger and better. Better than me. I feel silly for even believing it could all turn around. I feel silly for showing interest.

I go back and forth on it from time to time. How we ended up here and whose fault it was. Is it the fact that I pulled you close and then pushed you far when I felt myself falling?

I was afraid. I think you were too but you would never admit it.

Is it the fact that your actions were unstable? You do all the right things and then turn around and make them wrong. How so? I ask.

Cruel soul, you have.

Valuable lessons learned. I value me more. Because who else is going to if I do not?

Give your whole heart to her.

I cannot be friends, the reality is sure to hit my chest like bricks.

Death to us. Whatever that is…



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