I looked at the broken windshield on my car and it put me in a bad mood. 

I returned home and found that I had a broken window. My blood started to boil. 

I woke up the next morning only to find that I had nothing to eat for breakfast except a measly granola bar. 

I frowned all that day. Thinking to myself “woe is me”. 

Until I witnessed, sitting on the curb, a woman and three small children in filthy clothes with depression consuming their faces. 

My frown transformed into sadness. 

Walking further down, I noticed a man standing at the bus stop. I assumed he didn’t own a car. I looked back at my 1994 Chevrolet. It wasn’t the best but it damn sure got me to where I needed to go. 

I speculated the sky and thanked the Heavens. 

I was no longer mad. 

I no longer felt sad. 

Only gratefulness for what I had. 

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