Critical Studies

I believe that I owe it to the critical studies course I’m taking this fall…my wealth of epiphanies lately. As the semester starts to level out and come into some sort of “groove”, I find myself mellowing.

The summer days are what make me the happiest. I hate the winter. I hate the cold. Although it is not the winter season quite yet, the month of September, every year, reminds me of whats to come.

The winter.

My soul is worried but at the same time hopeful and excited. I must remind myself every single day that He’s on my side. And that I am not alone in this fight.

What am I fighting for exactly?

Is it financial freedom? Status? Success? Acknowledgement? Family?


A constant thought races anxiously through my mind of late:

“I always feel like I’m running from something.”

The running ends here. I am here to stay.

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