“The Case of a Missing iPhone” — A Short Story


I can’t feel my legs.

It feels like I’m walking on air, I can’t see, and worst of all…I’ve just checked my purse and my iPhone is missing.

Oh no. Its probably stolen by now. Did I drop it somehow? 

I frantically feel alongside my pants hoping that my fingers would graze the hard, smooth, rectangular possession.


My stomach rumbles with hunger. I suddenly feel nauseous thereafter.  The shots of vodka that I had previously gulped down in less than 30 seconds (thanks to a sexy tall, dark, and handsome gentleman) were way over my normal limits. I’m not sure that I had any to begin with. After debating in my head for a while about whether I should turn back (or not), my stomach won. 

I stumble and wobble to my apartment complex less than 2 minutes walking distance. Luckily my keys are on my person. I don’t have a phone to call Trevor, a neighbor, so he’d let me in. What a night that would’ve turned out to be. 

Way to bring in the new year.

After fidgeting with the keys in my door handle, I finally swing it open to my cat Ace as he rushes towards me with meow greetings. I lift him from the ground, hugging his soft fur as I allowed this embrace to make me forget about the actual worry.

“Buzz! Buzz!”

Buzz! Buzz!”

What’s this? 

I follow the sound of the buzzing. Eyes half shut and feet tripping over everything in my path. I pull back the bed pillows.

“I got it! I got it! Yes!”

I kiss my phone, gently curl up on the plush rug in the middle of my bedroom, and drift off to sleep. 

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