I Had A Dream

I had a dream.
In this dream, the entire neighborhood that I lived and grew up in as a child was on fire. I watched the chaos from a central perspective. My eyes scanned the world around me as if my body was positioned on top of a spinning disk. Literally, everything was up in flames. The homes of close friends and family members, trees, my church, even the yellow house that my great-grandparents lived in before they both passed away years ago. I was not alarmed. I watched in silence and awe as life as I had known it was rapidly incinerating. Although this dream occurred in the first person, there were flames in my pupils. It was as if the fire was beginning to reflect in my eyes. There was no known cause as to how it all started.

It just was.

At the time I had no idea what this dream meant or how it related to anything in my life. I hadn’t thought about it much after experiencing it either until recently.
I thought about what it symbolized, I thought if it was a good thing or was my life going to be drastically destroyed by some chaotic event out of my control, or was it just a crazy dream that actually meant nothing at all.
(As a result of overeating peanut butter from the jar before going to bed).
Aside from the dream, I believe that it’s important to note that at this time I was back and forth in relationship with my ex-boyfriend. I was also in the process of planning to make a massive impulse move to another state almost 4 hours away in pursuit of furthering my educational goals. So there were many changes taking place in my life, and I guess its safe to say that I didn’t know how to handle it all.
I had so many ideas in my head about what I wanted to do with writing and other creative ventures involving music. I didn’t know how I would do this or that, get by with just this and that, blah blah blah.
But what I found was that this dream represented a transformation and enlightenment beginning within myself. It was a symbol of my creative passion as well. It was very parallel to a revelation. This dream was alerting me at the time that change was coming and I needed to be prepared for it.
I needed to prepare myself to let things that were meant to stay in the past lie there.
I needed to prepare for moving into a new blessing.
A new city. New friends. New school. New obstacles and challenges.

A new me.

Everything I knew and was comfortable in had to be burned to the ground so that I could honestly start fresh.
And I’d have no choice.
The point of all this is to say that if you’ve ever had a tingling in the deepest depths of your soul to take a leap of faith on something that you’re unsure about, maybe you should do it.
Those are the moments that grow character and resilience to oppositions.

A choice to struggle against what is meant to be let go of is an acceptance of destruction to self.

Do not be afraid of letting it go.
Let go of old ideals.
Let go of past friendships.
Let go of past relationships.
As they have proven to serve you no longer.
Allow them to burn to the ground around your feet so that new life may spring forth and bear things that will actually feed your soul with goodness instead of the same old rotten fruit.

I encourage whoever is reading to leave a comment about your own dreams and/or spiritual experiences. What did you learn about yourself? Did it change your life?

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