7 Ways to Ensure Your Mary Jane is not Reggie

So it’s a peaceful Saturday afternoon, you and your fellow stoner friend are casually chilling as stoners do, when you both decide, “We should smoke.” You already have a plug in mind to buy from (he’s on speed dial under the contact name, “Plug” with the red gas pump emoji) so you hit him up praying that he answers the phone. Unfortunately, it goes to his voicemail box and two hours go by without hearing anything back. As a result, your friend recommends a new guy that neither of you is familiar with, but he’s available. You’re skeptical about this, but you also wanna get high with your friend because you’re both bored out of your freaking minds!

Deep breath

To alleviate some of the stress that comes with trying out a new plug and new bud, I’m here to offer you 7 (seven) ways you can tell whether your Mary Jane is Reggie or some dank right away!


  1. Smell (strong, earthy, aroma): The very first quality that you want to notice with your bud is the smell. Cannabis that has not been exposed to air for a long period of time has a strong, very pleasant, aroma to it. If there is a faint or foul odor then it is not of good quality. The smell should be potent enough to arouse your senses.
  2. Appearance (crystallization): Ensure that there is an evident amount of crystallization on the bud. This is also referred to as trichomes. The more of these bad boys you see, the better the weed quality.
  3. Color (brown is a no-go): Weed that is brown in color means that it has been over exposed to oxygen and is not high in potency. Your bud should mostly have a green, or darker green, hue and may also contain hints of purple, pink, blue, etc.
  4. Seeds/Stems (again, a no-go): They are not good for smoking. This is often a tell-tale sign of Reggie bud. Although cannabis stems are sometimes recommended in teas, it is not wise to smoke them. Seeds are weighty (tricks you into believing you got what you paid for) and is an indicator of unfinished bud development.
  5. Stickiness: Your bud should be sticky to the touch. If not, there’s a huge chance that the flower isn’t fresh. The resinous trichomes should stick to your fingers as you handle the weed.
  6. “Unfinished” Buds: Usually, high quality Mary Jane is dense and tightly packed together. This excludes most sativa plants. If your indica contains unfinished buds and an abundance of stems, it is likely poorly grown. An excessive amount of leaves on the flower is also a bad sign.
  7. “Shake”: Shake is the loose weed that gathers at the bottom of your pack. It resembles bud that has already been ground down with a grinder. A little shake at the bottom of your pack is not always a bad sign, however, a significant amount of loose weed in the bag indicates a highly dry cannabis flower, hence, the breakage.

With these easy tips in mind, you can be rest assured that you and your compadre will have the ultimate ‘high’ experience. Please leave a comment below if you have some tips that you want to share on how to better decipher good quality cannabis from the bad stuff. What are some other traits of bad bud that I may have missed?

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