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“It Takes Time”

I find my fingers start to travel to the thread between you and I.  I always wait for those three grey bubbles to pop up.  But they don't.  I'm waisting my time here.  I'm waisting my mind here.  We don't belong and I have to get used to that.  "It takes time." 

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“It’s Okay”

I have to learn that my voice matters. And that it's ok to speak up.  Do not allow others to silence you. What you have to say is important.

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September 24

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Critical Studies

I believe that I owe it to the critical studies course I'm taking this wealth of epiphanies lately. As the semester starts to level out and come into some sort of "groove", I find myself mellowing. The summer days are what make me the happiest. I hate the winter. I hate the cold. Although… Continue reading Critical Studies

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After May 4, 2017 at 7:16pm my life was changed forever. And it may sound a little dramatic with the way that I'm describing the story but thats because it is indeed pretty dramatic for me. I've wanted my entire life to be apart of this "sisterhood" and now that I am, the amount of… Continue reading “Sisterhood”

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Dirty Onions, Neck Ties

Don't ask "what's real" when you're not it.  Don't ask me "are you ok" after I tell you what's wrong.  Don't disrespect me.  Don't slander my name. Don't use me. Don't abuse me. Physically, verbally, or otherwise. Do communicate. Do unto me as I do unto you. Don't show me that you don't care.  ...and love… Continue reading Dirty Onions, Neck Ties