21 Soothing Songs for Stress

With all of life's typical shit happening, it yields no effort to get bogged down and stressed out. Luckily, we have music and the help of some very talented artists to bridge the gap between wanting to off yourself (or someone else) and a peace of mind. Attempting to navigate through everyday tasks involving work, … Continue reading 21 Soothing Songs for Stress

“Millennial Love” Is Stifling Substantial Romantic Relationships

When you scroll down the feeds of your Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr* accounts (If you like that sort of thing. I realize that Tumblr ain't everybody's cup of tea), you will notice that the overwhelming amount of memes* and love quotes about longing for a genuine connection with a potential romantic partner, is prevalent … Continue reading “Millennial Love” Is Stifling Substantial Romantic Relationships