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“It Takes Time”

I find my fingers start to travel to the thread between you and I.  I always wait for those three grey bubbles to pop up.  But they don't.  I'm waisting my time here.  I'm waisting my mind here.  We don't belong and I have to get used to that.  "It takes time." 

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“It’s Okay”

I have to learn that my voice matters. And that it's ok to speak up.  Do not allow others to silence you. What you have to say is important.

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Critical Studies

I believe that I owe it to the critical studies course I'm taking this wealth of epiphanies lately. As the semester starts to level out and come into some sort of "groove", I find myself mellowing. The summer days are what make me the happiest. I hate the winter. I hate the cold. Although… Continue reading Critical Studies

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I looked at the broken windshield on my car and it put me in a bad mood.  I returned home and found that I had a broken window. My blood started to boil.  I woke up the next morning only to find that I had nothing to eat for breakfast except a measly granola bar. … Continue reading Gratefulness 



You don't want the same things I do. You never do. I see all the signs and warnings but decided to ignore them in hopes that things can change. They never do. Now you're on to bigger and better. Better than me. I feel silly for even believing it could all turn around. I feel… Continue reading “Situationship”

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A Peace Treaty 

I silenced myself because I couldn't stop thinking.  I didn't speak in fear of what I might say. I was angry. But this angry was different.  This angry was calm and serene. This angry was nonchalant and apathetic. Maybe it was the Mary.  I knew it would come to this but no one ever thinks… Continue reading A Peace Treaty 

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Heart of A Heartbreaker 

Where do you go when you've broken a heart?  What do you do? Who do you cry to? Who can you call on?  Everyone will pity the heartbroken. But what about the one who has to break the heart?  Does anyone ever wonder whether they wanted to? Does anyone ever think about how much it… Continue reading Heart of A Heartbreaker