I enjoy writing because it allows me to stay in the comfort of my own space but still reach others at the same time.

I started writing my own “books” and short stories when I was around nine or ten years old and I haven’t stopped writing since then. If you’re wondering why I placed quotation marks around the word books, its because as a child I would literally pencil about 3 to 4 pages of a short story and then staple the left side of the notebook paper together in order to give off the look that I’d written something about 100 pages  in length. Totally untrue and lazy for the most part but it was a start.

I mostly wrote about mermaids and other fictional plots. I’m still really into mermaids even at the prime age of 21 so if you see me in public we can have an hour long conversation about that.

I’m an English major at Spelman College [best college in the whole wide world] located in Atlanta, Georgia or, as some like to say, the AUC.

My only wish is that you find as much joy in my writing as I do.

Thank you.

With love,